Artist Profile: Denzel Curry

Who is Denzel Curry?

Also known as Raven Miyagi, or Aquarius Killa, Denzel Curry is a 21 year old rapper out of Carol City, Florida. His mom worked for a detention center, and his father was an ex-marine. They were very strict which contributed a lot to his success. Denzel started out as an artist, drawing cartoons and creating comics, but denzel1resizeafter his dad sent him to art school, he realized that’s not what he wanted to do. He was always a great writer and he was very creative, so he decided music was a better way to go. At the age of 16 he released his first mix-tape, and created a following via YouTube and other social media. This was the point where his music career began.

denzel_curry_rapper_interview_brother_death_tasering_miami_2014At the age of 19, his brother Treon Johnson was tased to death by police. Curry and his family were devastated by this event. They believe his death is another prime example of corrupt government, and are still fighting for justice to this day.

Just last year, Denzel was recognized as a XXL Freshman, for his great work. Denzel raps about black on black crime, his life story, and more. He continues to make music, but claims there’s a lot of stuff he still wants to do like create comics, martial arts, and a lot more.

Why do I listen to Denzel?

Denzel is one of my favorite rappers because hes different than most arising rappers. 160930-denzel-curry-ig-800x600Nowadays most rappers rap about drugs and sex over a nice beat. Although its nice to listen to every once in awhile, it gets extremely repetitive. You can only make so many songs about the same thing. What makes Denzel different is that he tells a story within his music, and is able to keep the songs enjoyable with his flow and execution.


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