Artist Profile : Capital STEEZ 

Who is Capital STEEZ?
Courtney Jamal Dewar Jr also known as Capital Steez was a Hip Hop artist from Brooklyn, New York. He was good friends with Joey Bada$$ and the Co-Founder of Pro
Era. Steezy was born to Jamaican parents on July 7th, 1993. His dad dad when he was 3 and began rapping in 09. His career kicked off when he dropped ‘Survival Tactics’ with Joey Bada$$ in 2012. This single song got very good ratings, and even went done on Genius’s list of greatest rap finishes of all time. At the time Steezy made the track with joey he was only 19.

Steezy was a very spiritual man, he included outlooks if Egyptian mysticism, numerology, astral projection and the Indian chakra system. He even considered himself one of the indigo children, meaning he believed he was a being of a different dimension. He was also obsessed with the number 47, saying it gave things meaning. On December 23, 2012, Capital STEEZ took his own life. He texted his friends telling them that he loves them, and tweeted “The End” at 11:59, before jumping off the rooftop of the cinematic Music Group building.

Why do I listen to him?

I listen to Capital STEEZ because I enjoy his style of music and I loved the details he put behind it. Because of how spiritual he was he put lots of detail in his music. I don’t necessarily agree with anything that he believes in but it’s extremely interesting and fun to try and decipher what he has written.


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